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This page features

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Use this page to

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Bringing in even

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people would pay

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Open Mics & Jams.


You'll connect with

the musicians who

make hundreds of

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6. Get gigs

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description at

Hire a Band.

$25 per year

This is a good page if

you're an artist,

a band, or a musician

seeking opportunities.


Significant Discounts

with quarterly or

yearly agreements:

For example, $300/year

includes everything above

for up to 2 events per month.

That's only $12-something/ad,

less than half the price

of individual ads.




"How advertising

with us can

bring more customers

to your shows!"

- At one show, the

couple to our right

said that they decide

what to do on nights out

by following

our Facebook page,

- The couple to the left

had gone online

to find something

to do that night

& discovered

the show at our website,

- And the gentleman behind us

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