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Top 5 ways advertising

your live music,

your art event,

your event schedule, or

your business

at one of our pages

will increase

your customer base:

1. Name Recognition

When you advertise with us,

potential customers will be

reminded that they've been

meaning to patronize your

business or to contact you.

2. Expanded

Web Presence

Whether or not you have

your own website,

your name at our site

will be one more way

for search engines

to find you.

3. Free Advertising
Venues & Musicians

As a musician, if you advertise

with us, you can tell venues

that booking you will result in

free advertising for them with

our loyal audience, and that

our pages are visited

thousands of times

each month by people

seeking entertainment.

As a venue, if you advertise

with us, you can assure your

musicians that their names

will be listed with links to

their sites.

In addition, free Doylestown

musical events can be listed 

at no charge -

just email us at



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through Facebook at

Bucks County Music Scene
aka Doylestown Music Scene


4. Up-to-Date


We can publish

or update data

within a week of

your contacting us,

often within 24 hours.


5. Specialize

in Accuracy

Our listings are more

current than those

of print publications and

more accurate than those

of many venue websites

since we update often.

Because customers

who visit you will find

what they expect,

they'll be more

likely to return -

both to our website

and to your business.


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Want to read more first?

Top 5 ways our pages

are promoted:

1. Search Engines

We get about 2000 visits

every month. This doesn't

include those who view our

Facebook page which has

more than 1000 likes which

were "home-grown" (not

blanket-solicited). Most people

come directly to our sites as

bookmarked pages

or favorites.

Those who enter search

words clearly are looking

for live entertainment.


2. Word of Mouth

When we visit live music & arts

venues in the Southeastern PA

and nearby New Jersey areas,

people volunteer that they

use our site regularly to decide

where to go for entertainment.

Artists & musicians tell us

that people who come

to their events learned

about the shows

from our sites.

3. Radio Mention

We're an occasional sponsor,

with radio mention

to the greater Delaware

Valley PA, at WRDV-FM.

4. Business Cards

are distributed to individuals

and businesses.

5. Facebook

Our advertisers receive

priority posting at our

Facebook page,

Bucks County Music Scene
aka Doylestown Music Scene

There, visitors are also

linked to our at-a-glance

web pages where they can

take a quick look at your

advertisement in our

chronological listings,

and then patronize

your event,

your business,

or your venue.


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